Salt Reduction Initiatives

fsaiWe at Supermacs have been committed to reducing the salt content of our menu items and therefore helping to reduce the salt intake of our customers.  According to the FSAI, salt intake is currently at a population average of 10g per day, the recommended daily intake of salt is 4g per day, therefore the FSAI ran a salt reduction initiative with an aim to achieve a salt intake of 6g per day per person on average.

As part of the FSAI Salt Reduction Initiative, Supermacs considerably reduced the salt content of its foods and also worked with its suppliers to achieve the same.  It is thought that as much as 15-20% of salt in the diet is from discretionary sources such as salt added during cooking or at the dining table so there was huge scope for reduction even in the home.  A further 15% is naturally present in food while manufacturing and food processing accounts for 65-70% of salt added to food, for this reason Supermacs prides itself on selling natural unprocessed foods.  Supermacs have been commended by the FSAI not only for its involvement in the project but also for its commitment and achievement in achieving targets for salt reduction, these efforts are continuing.

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